Economic feasibility study for Higher College of Technology


Description of Higher College of Technology project -

The project is a Higher Colleges of Technology with a range of faculties such as the Faculty of Information Technology, the Faculty of Management and Economics, the Faculty of Engineering and the College of Medical Science, The Higher Colleges of Technology project is located in Tanzania.

 The Higher Colleges of Technology project includes a number of other complementary facilities besides the faculties, which include the mosque, the restaurant, the library, the Dormitory and the recreation center.

 The project seeks to provide high quality educational services in terms of the educational methods used and the reliance on the highest human cadres in terms of efficiency.

 The project seeks to benefit from the large size of the target group, which is characterized by students in the stages of university and characterized by its continuous and accelerated growth, which is related to the size of population growth in Tanzania and the high levels of education.

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