Economic Feasibility Study of the Artificial Intelligence


Jadwa prepare an integrated feasibility study for artificial intelligence center Project of Bahla town that situated in the Dakhliya region of Oman.

 Alt, we have prepared an integrated marketing, technical and financial feasibility study for the Project. The marketing study showed the growth of the market size on the project services.

Also, the financial analysis and indicators, that were tested and verified, proved the financial and economic viability of the project. With the ability to manage its financial and monetary flows efficiently, it allows to meet all its obligations and achieve adequate and encouraging surpluses of investment despite a conservative estimation method ,so that the project's ability to withstand the various operating conditions can be tested. In addition, all financial indicators have been subjected to sensitivity analyzes. 

These analyzes demonstrate that the project is able to withstand any unfavorable conditions, both in light of high costs or low revenues, and of achieve appropriate results under these circumstances, where the revenues of the project , whether the revenues achieved on total investment or on capital were  higher than the opportunities for alternative investment within the country of Jordan .  The period of recovery of the project is considered economically good, which confirms the feasibility of the project financially.

 as well as the technical compatibility of the project with the internal requirements of the Sultanate.

It should be noted that the achievement of the estimated results of the Project is closely related to the adequacy of the funding structure of the project and to the ability of the marketing department and the general management of the Project to develop and implement the marketing and operational policy that ensures the Project achieve its objectives and its ability to achieve the profits and indicators desired in the Project.

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